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The Next Step Manifesto

You are a writer, and writers write, so you write.

But then what?



All the internet gurus tell you to start a blog and grow your email list and build your social media presence.

All the writing craft leaders teach you to find your creative flow and take breaks, and write for yourself and stay true to your core.

And you listen and try to do it all until your head feels about to explode.

You’re not alone

I’ve seen too many people catch the fire, declare themselves writers, then fizzle at the first storm, overwhelmed by what to do next.

But a true writer won’t let technology or business or conflicting advice stand in the way of sharing her work.

Yes, there’s a lot to figure out.  But the writer who can’t not write? She’ll push.

She’ll find a way.

She’ll watch YouTube videos and she’ll Google questions and read blog posts. She’ll invest in books and tutorials, and she’ll hire out work she doesn’t have the time or inclination to figure out for herself.

I can preach this because I am that writer.

I am the writer who thought WordPress meant talking while lifting weights at the gym. Who thought MailChimp was about training animals to work for the post office.

But I knew I couldn’t hold my words inside anymore.

So I read and I googled and I bought courses and I hired people.

I learned.

And you can, too.

You can do this

Technology can be baffling, and it’s stopped too many writers in their tracks. And the technology providers don’t have much reason to make it any easier.

Business can be intimidating, and the stink of slimy marketers has soured too many writers, leading us into a place where pride in our work is replaced by shame and doubt.

And the stuffy literary establishment wants us to believe we need a master’s degree before we’re good enough to share our words.

The confusion, shame, and overwhelm has led so many writers to throw up their hands and give up.

No more.

There is no more “can’t.”

Writer’s Next Step is a place for determined writers to come together in a community of encouragement and growth.

It’s a place where we hold each other accountable and we offer more than kind words (although we offer those too).

It’s a place where we solve problems. Where we share tips and steps and actionable information.

It’s a place where we can meet people with complementary skills. Where we can trade services. Where we can find collaborators.

Where we solve the problem of discouragement with encouragement AND with information. With tools. With answers and practical help.

It’s more than a how-to blog. It’s a community.

Join us here.

Every writer has a next step

For the writers who just write for themselves, who aren’t sure if their ideas are worth spreading: Your next step is to write tomorrow, and then the next day, and the next.

For the writers who are writing every day, maybe your next step is to share a piece as a public Facebook post to see how it resonates, or maybe it’s to start a simple blog.

And for the writers who have a blog and want to reach more people, maybe it’s to focus growing an email list or learn to format and publish your eBook.

Only you know what’s next for you.

So what is it? What is your ONE next thing?

Shout it out in the comments below and take that step!

Don’t try to do it alone.

Join the community here.

27 Replies

  1. I am IN! Did you know I was waiting for this? Searching for this? You must have. I will be reading along and learning as much as I can, while I write.

    1. Christine

      Woohoo! That’s a great plan, Denise!

  2. Your manifesto really resonates with me. Argh the tech! For me, it’s to keep showing up. I’ve been looking for a community of fellow writers. So many to choose from, full of people I don’t know. Perfectly nice people, I’m sure. People who write, so we do have that much in common.

    1. Christine

      You’re not alone in finding the tech frustrating! As for community, try a few on for size, both online and in person. I’ve led and participated in quite a few, both big and small. The key is to give each one enough time to see if you can be you and feel safe, stretched, and encouraged.

  3. Very cool! I look forward to seeing where this goes. And I’m in the final editing stages of my first compilation of short stories. So the next step will be deciding what needs revising, and getting that done.

    1. Christine

      Congrats! Getting to that stage is a huge accomplishment, and I’m excited to see you work through your revisions!

  4. This is great, Christine. My next step is rebuilding my stamina, and I’m doing that, every day. Oh, and working on two manuscripts, one fiction and one non-fiction. I haven’t done that before, so it’s a stretch!

    1. Christine

      That’s such a wise step, Crystal…building strength and stamina now will set you up so well for the future! You’ve got this!

  5. Denise B.

    My next step is getting back to daily writing. If it’a bloggable, I’ll hit PUBLISH. If not, I’ll try again the next day.

    1. Christine

      Great distinction between writing and publishing! Keep all that writing. It might not be bloggable today, but it could be the seed of something different three months from now.

  6. I’ve blogged the rough draft of my book over the past three years. My next step is to publish this book in July.

    1. Christine

      WOOT! You are a rockstar…your consistency is so inspiring!

  7. Tom

    I’m always practicing and improving my manifesto. Your course and your passion keep me going on my own path:))

    1. Christine

      Is your speaker’s page done? 😉 #AccountabilityInAction

  8. Brilliant. My one next thing… get my website redone.

    1. Christine

      Awesome! Your theme isn’t as hard to update as a lot of people think…do you know what look/feel you want for the new site?

  9. Debbie

    Love everything you said about what sort of place Writer’s Next Step is. Sounds like the right place to be! My next step is a fresh new blog. I’ve put it off forever. Wait. My first next step is joining your community!

    1. Christine

      Hahaha! Here’s to the second next step! So happy you’re around! 🙂

  10. Wow! I started doubting myself. Started off quite well but the last few days I was overwhelmed. I’ll get writing straight away.

    1. Christine

      I’m learning to embrace the cycle of overwhelm > simplify > stretch > overwhelm > simplify….it’s in those moments just before it gets overwhelming that I push and stretch and learn the most, but then I hit a point where it’s too much, and I have to pull back, refocus and figure out that right way to apply whatever I learned for the long-term. I find that having a great community helps SO much when doubt hits in that overwhelmed stage. Glad you’ve found hope here, Manaal!

  11. Looking forward to seeing how this all shapes up!

    1. Christine

      Me, too!

  12. Wonderful stuff this. I have no idea what my next step is, but I’m going to keep on writing until I figure it out!

    1. Christine

      Fantastic, Carryl! I’ll ask you this: why do you write? And when you close your eyes and dream, what do you dream of?

  13. Eager to see what you have to share. I know my next steps, now if I can just get beyond this rough patch in my year I’ll be rolling. Love the concept of this group and looking forward to being added.

  14. Whoops! I need more focus. Can you please note my website address is antoniamalvino.com Thank you!

    1. Christine

      Fixed it for you! 😉

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