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The Growing Writer’s Survival Kit

There’s never been a better time to be a writer.

Gone are the days when a few elitists held the keys to our careers. We now have direct access to readers who will love our work and we have the freedom to write the stories that capture our hearts.

But that access and freedom comes with a lot of responsibility and work, too.

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Apparently, it’s not enough to come up with the perfect idea, bleed all over the page, then rip it to pieces and glue it back together until it’s ready for the world. We also have to build a website, design a cover and promotional materials, develop and execute a marketing plan, grow our social media…and on and on.

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Being a modern writer can get overwhelming, can’t it?

But it doesn’t have to be hard, and you don’t have to do it alone.

Download Your Survival Kit Now!

The beauty of community and teamwork is that each of us is great at different things. When we work together, it gets easier for everyone.

I’ve worked with bestselling authors to launch nearly a million dollars’ worth of books and online courses. I’ve seen what works (and what doesn’t), and I know what it takes to get your early books out into the world and then grow as you go. And I want to help make it easier for you.

The Growing Writer’s Survival Kit offers you an ever-expanding set of tools to get through any roadblock you’re facing.

  • A Minimalist Guide to Book Launches will cut through the noise and show you exactly what you need to do to get your work out there.
  • The Next Steps Goal Planning Worksheet will help you plan and finish your next project.
  • The Secret: a manifesto for the discouraged might encourage you when you hit one of those days when you just plain can’t keep going.

You can get the Survival Kit for free, and you’ll keep getting new resources and tools as the kit grows!

Download Your Survival Kit Now!