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Quitter, Unpacked

Well, it’s a bit of an overstatement to actually say it’s unpacked. Perhaps the title should actually be “Follow My Process of Unpacking The Quitter Conference Through The Overwhelming Sense of Being Slammed in the Face With a Firehose of Wisdom and Practical Advice.” But I don’t think too many people would read that. Which is OK since I’m posting this for me anyway. About a month ago, I attended Jon Acuff’s Quitter Conference in Nashville. One of the coolest things (and easiest) that Jon advised was to compile a Quitter Soundtrack….YAY! Day 1: DONE!! Catchafire – TobyMac Starry-Eyed Surprise […]

Moses, on Quitting

It’s been a rough week at work….month…face it, it’s been a rough season. There are a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with me. But I’m not arrogant enough to believe that I’m wholly blameless either. I let my intuition grasp a situation in a split second, and then rather than hand it off to my brain to figure out, process, and present reasonably, my emotion just runs off with the idea all half cocked and charges at the windmill. This is not a good thing. There have been many days when I just wanted to throw in […]

What I learned from dog vomit

As a dog returns to its vomit….. ….so a fool repeats his folly. I saw this verse on Twitter recently (Prov 26:11 for those who are playing along at home). At first, I laughed. Because, well, vomit is kinda funny. Unless it’s on your frisee rug. Or under the dinner table. Both places where we’ve experienced the special awesomeness of dog vomit in the last month, by the way. Then comes the image of the dog actually coming back to it. We’ve all seen that. The idea that a dog’s mouth is the cleanest place? Not buying that. I’ve seen […]

Beating the Bully, Fear

Last week, I attended an amazing conference presented by Jon Acuff, satirist and creator of StuffChristiansLike.net. Jon’s new project, “Quitter,” is the story of how he transformed his life of serial job-hopping (eight jobs in eight years) into his dream job as a best-selling author and speaker with the Dave Ramsey organization. But more than that, Jon shared practical steps to replicate that transformation for any dream. Just as one day was not enough to share all the lessons Jon has to offer, one blog post could never include all the takeaways (although other participants have provided wonderful recaps! ). […]